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Mission & Values

The Learning Enrichment and Achievement Department (LEAD)

The Learning Enrichment and Achievement Department (LEAD) is pivotal in ensuring a holistic development of each student with special educational needs by focusing not only on the academic aspects but also on critical thinking, communication, social skills, self-management, confidence, and independence.

LEAD focuses on creating and maintaining an inclusive educational environment for all learners as required by the IBO, while taking into consideration the unique needs of each LEAD student to fill the gap between their abilities and goals.

Our policy highlights a collaborative approach where each student with special educational needs is the responsibility of all persons who are part of the educational process, including: the classroom/subject teachers, support teachers in LEAD, psychologist, speech-language pathologist, counselors, and the school clinic. This collaboration aims to provide the student with the most beneficial and professional methods of education that suit his/her needs to be the foundation for a sustainable lifelong learning experience.

LEAD Staff Roles

The LEAD staff works hand in hand with the class/subject teachers and parents to ensure the success and independence of students with special educational needs along their educational journey in an inclusive setting. This is achieved by introducing specific learning skills, designing differentiating units of enquiry, providing successful experiences to students that build the confidence needed to use their abilities to the fullest and enabling them to define and achieve sustainable success.

Support services are delivered by in-class inclusion for core academic classes and individually or in small groups, to strengthen specific areas of weakness, ensuring acquisition of skills required to function at grade level and eventually reinforce independence.

Based on each student’s needs, accommodations and modifications to the academic programme are made in line with the school policy.


LEAD services are provided to students with special educational needs from Grade 1-12.
Admission to the LEAD is not limited to students who experience difficulties keeping pace with the general curriculum, which may surface after being admitted to MMS. We also offer support to pre-diagnosed students seeking admission to MMS.