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Student Wellbeing

Here at the Modern Montessori School we are committed to working together within and beyond our learning community to provide opportunities and experiences which nurture, care and develop our young people to be all they can be. We place high value support life- long learning, developing partnership and teambuilding opportunities for learners and strive to inspire and celebrate achievement. We believe in and encourage all within our learning community to have the same shared values centring on respect, responsibility and ambition. We recognise the different social and economic backgrounds, races, colours and creeds of our school community and celebrate the common purpose we share. We respect others, ourselves and the environment at large. We take responsibility for our conduct, attitude, and work. This comes through instilling an ethos that motivates our young people to approach all aspects of school and community life with a shared understanding. This in turn drives ambition for all individuals in our school community.

The core purpose of our school’s Pastoral Care and Holistic Education Department (PCHE) is to provide a safe and supportive learning environment that supports and equips our young people in four capacities encouraging excellence:

  • Successful Learners – through high standards of teaching and learning in a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Confident Individuals – providing support and guidance for pupils to take responsibility for leading their own learning and achieving their potential
  • Responsible Global Citizens – developing partnerships, citizenship experiences and community links
  • Effective Contributors – enhancing the importance of both English and Arabic languages, and the culture and values of the society we live in both within and outside the school community.

We strive to provide a wide array of student support services. These range from Student Guidance and Counselling, who are available to help address the emotional needs that young people can have in response to experiences such as family breakdown, bereavement, loss, family and peer relationship difficulties; A highly competent team of Year Coordinators who provide students, parents and staff with an added layer of pastoral and academic support and guidance; And our Pastoral Welfare Office who take the lead in following up on the safeguarding, care and welfare of individual students in, as well as providing prevention and intervention in matters of student conduct and behaviour.

Our highly qualified, trained and dedicated staff group strives to ensure that each and every one of our students is known and valued as an individual person within a wider school community. This in turn aids promoting the development of the whole person across physical, intellectual, social and moral spheres. High on our priority list is the full and comprehensive provision of ‘Duty of Care’ for all students at every stage of their development, in a happy, safe and secure environment through the offering sound curricular and pastoral advice to our young people - thus empowering them to make meaningful choices appropriate to their needs and aspirations.